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Little Eco Baby is your one stop shop for everything related to cloth nappies! Purchase modern cloth nappies and accessories or subscribe to one of our lease and laundry services.

Learn more about our Easy Snap Modern Cloth Nappy

We've shared our expert knowledge of modern cloth nappies to thoughtfully design a nappy that combines style, function and quality. Giving you confidence all while connecting your family to nature and giving you time for the important stuff.

Navy Sky Easy Snap Modern Cloth Nappy
  • Flexible Inserts

    We include two different sized bamboo viscose inserts, catering for both light and heavy wetters. These are easily snapped in for quick and secure absorption.

  • Super cute

    Our boutique nappies are made from the highest quality materials and come in three gorgeous unisex earthy colours.

  • Adjustable Sizing

    Designed to fit newborns to toddlers 4kg - 18kg. Our nappies are an investment and can be resized as your baby grows.

  • Well Designed

    Incorporating an internal opening to hold the insert in place, an extra waterproof layer for confidence and a slim gusset for a great fit!

Nappy Lease and Laundry Service

We offer a range of service packages to lease, clean, dry, assemble and deliver nappies to your door twice a week. Based on the South Coast of NSW, Little Eco Baby offers fully customisable Nappy Service Packages. All the benefits of cloth nappies without any hard work.

  • Full Time Service Package

    At $40 p/w our Full Time Service Package provides you with 25 modern cloth nappies set up for day time and night time use (approximately 7 nappies per day). Delivered twice a week, it is most suited for a newborn baby or perfect for parents wanting to make the complete switch to modern cloth nappies.

  • Part Time Service Package

    At $32 p/w our Part Time Service Package provides you with 18 modern cloth nappies (approximately 5 nappies per day). Delivered twice a week, it is most suited to a baby 3 months and older and is perfect for someone wanting to use modern cloth nappies through the day and disposables at night.

  • Casual Service Package

    At $23 p/w our Casual Service Package provides you with 12 modern cloth nappies (approximately 3 nappies per day). Delivered twice a week, it is perfect for someone wanting to make more sustainable choices while still using disposables when it most suits them.

  • BYO Service Package

    Our BYO Service Package provides the hygienic laundering of your own modern cloth nappies! It is perfect for the tired and time poor parent who needs a break from the chore of cleaning and assembling their own set of reusable nappies. Priced from $23 p/w.


Hear what our customers have to say

We love the Little Eco Baby Nappy Service! The nappies are stylish, absorbent and fit our quickly growing baby well. The service is very convenient, supportive and responsive when we have questions, flexible, and we were able to pause the service without difficulty when we went on holidays which is a big plus. We probably wouldn’t have committed to full time cloth nappies had we not had this service available. We definitely recommend it!

This is an excellent service. I am using Little Eco Baby Nappy Service for my third child and I can’t believe I didn’t with my first two. I always assumed cloth nappies would be too much work, and a lot of people will tell you that as well. But this service makes it very easy to use cloth nappies and the nappy itself is so simple to fit, nothing like the old cloth nappy. The amazing colours and prints make wearing a nappy fun! The best part is feeling a lot better about my waste contribution! Thank you!

We have been using Little Eco Baby since our baby was about one week old. We are really happy with the nappies, he hasn’t had an nappy rash or skin irritations, they are soft and super easy. It’s so convenient to have the nappies dropped off and picked up twice a week and also handy to get a reminder text the night before. Would recommend to anyone and feels so good to not have to use disposables.

This is my first time using the reusable nappy service and everything is going really well! Stacey was very helpful with all the information I needed, giving me a rundown of the process, and happy to answer any questions I had. Loving all the funky prints of the nappies and how easy they are to use :-)

I absolutely love this service. Stacey and Ben make the whole process so easy - there’s nothing left to do but put the nappies on and go! I’ve wanted to use modern cloth nappies for a long time but the extra work and high price to purchase a full set put me off. I’m so glad Little Eco Baby

The team at little Eco Baby have been amazing. Answering all of my questions promptly and are super accommodating for a new Mum. The nappies are amazing and so easy to use. I would recommend to any mum to try!