Our Story

We began our parenting journey in 2014 with the birth of our daughter Eden. Quickly we found out that parenthood throws at you challenges, she was born prematurely and was a fiery little thing from the very beginning. Like many parents we were always tired. We struggled through the daily cycle and had to find our feet a few times over. We had always been eco minded but it just never occurred to us to try modern cloth nappies.

Family portrait of Stacey, Ben, Eden and Henry Ring of Little Eco Baby
Family portrait with husband, wife, toddler and newborn baby

Fast forward three years when we found ourselves with a stash of cloth nappies to use on our son Henry. We were keen to try them, but unsure of their effectiveness and the extra time needed in our already busy days to clean them. It took some motivation but finally after 10 weeks we decided to give them a try… And we never looked back! Our preconceived notions were blown out of the water. He didn’t leak or get ANY nappy rash. We were proud to be reducing our waste and protecting our little boy from nasties against his skin.

We wondered what was holding others back from making the same switch, and realised (from all of our tired parent friends) that it is simply time! And that’s how Little Eco Baby began. We set out to create a nappy service that offered all the benefits of cloth nappies without any of the hard work. Today we have grown our offerings and support hundreds of parents across the country. We want to support parents to make safer and sustainable choices and are proud to be inspiring change for a better future.

Stacey and Ben from Little Eco Baby posing holding a dry pail and wet bags