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Information about the chemicals used in disposable nappies is not made to be easily accessible to consumers. In Australia manufacturers do not have to disclose all their ingredients and most refuse to do so. So it is confronting as a parent to learn that disposables really do contain toxic chemicals, such as dioxins, sodium polycarbonate, tributyltin and phthalates that are linked to long-term health conditions.

Dioxins are a by-product of chlorine, which is used during the bleaching process of disposables. They are listed as the most toxic of all carcinogenic chemicals and are banned in most countries! Sodium polycarbonate is the absorbent compound used in many disposables. It is often seen as gel-like crystals. This chemical was removed from tampons due to toxic shock syndrome concerns.

Tributyltin (TBT) is found in the inner and outer layers of disposables. TBT effects the endocrine system and can trigger genes that promote hormone conditions and obesity. Phthalates make the plastic in disposables softer and more resilient. They are known endocrine disruptor's and even in small doses may be carcinogenic. By using modern cloth nappies that are made from chemical free natural fibres you are ensuring the best overall health for your Little Eco Baby.