Are your red bins causing a stink?

It’s during these hot months that so many parents find themselves with overflowing red bins that absolutely PONG!

And it’s no wonder… Disposable nappies are said to account for 1/3 of your red bin capacity! Take into account that many local council areas do fortnightly red bin collections, disposable nappies are a common problem for many parents.

1 x baby in nappies = 7 x nappies a day

1 x baby in nappies = 50 x nappies every week

1 x baby in nappies = 2600 x nappies each year

I challenge you to imagine those 2600 nappies sitting in landfill and multiply it by all the babies you know! Gross hey! Now take it a step further and think about the 2-3 years your baby will be in nappies. That’s one little baby creating approximately 2 tonnes of waste!

Reducing your waste can be a daunting change but it really doesn’t have to be. No more disposables = no more stink = no more landfill! All you have to do is ditch the disposables for reusable modern cloth nappies.

And making the switch has never been easier! Little Eco Baby Nappy Service supplies individualised sets of modern cloth nappies assembled and ready to use. All the convenience of disposables but with no hard work!

With service packages starting from $20 per week, you wont even be out of pocket!

We'll follow up next week with some more info about how we, as a family of four, manage to keep our weekly red bin waste limited to 1 or 2 small bags of rubbish!


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