Cheeky Wipes - A guide to reusable wipes

As a parent there is no doubt you feel like you go through an almost endless supply of baby wipes. From changing nappies, wiping dirty hands and faces, to wiping up spills, there is a huge need for baby wipes.

It hasn't always been the case but today, disposable baby wipes are the "done" thing, but they come with their problems. There's the growing concern surrounding the safety of the ingredients used in our care products along with the negative environmental impact disposable wipes place. Reusable wipes are a fantastic, safe, sustainable and practical solution.

For $89.95, you can purchase a Cheeky Wipes system which sets you up with everything you need for full time use. 25 super soft wipes, containers for clean and dirty wipes, essential oils which keep everything smelling divine and small wet bags to transport your wipes while you’re out and about.

Caring for your cloth wipes is super simple. You can add them to your dry pail and wash with your modern cloth nappies. Or if you’re not a cloth nappy user, once rinsed, you can simply add them to your regular washing. Done!

Using reusable wipes is a great way to ensure your family is healthy and eco friendly.

    • Cheeky Wipes are non toxic, containing only water and essential oil. This means no more nappy rash and no exposure to unhealthy chemicals.
    • They clean dirty bottoms, faces and hands so much better than disposables wipes.
    • Cheeky Wipes even save you cashola. The average price for a pack of disposable wipes is around $5. Most families would be spending around $15 per week on wipes.
    • They are reusable so you contribute nothing to landfill!

    Little Eco Baby offers all Nappy Service customers the full laundering of their Cheeky Wipes for the small cost of $5 per week.

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