Ecoriginals Premium Disposable Nappies

After much deliberation, we’ve made an exciting decision to offer eco disposable nappies to our customers!

Over the past few months we've had customers approach us about selling eco disposables. We had continually dismissed the idea because we wanted to maintain integrity and a commitment to modern cloth nappies.

Modern cloth nappies are BY FAR the most environmentally friendly option. As Little Eco Baby Nappy Service works out of a CARBON NEUTRAL laundry, we are proud to give parents access to the greenest nappying option available! With this in mind, we were beginning to feel like we’d be stabbing reusable nappies in the back if we were to go down the disposable nappy route.

But, the reality is for whatever reason, many parents don’t use modern cloth nappies full time. As busy parents ourselves, we totally recognise this, and offer Full Time, Part Time and Casual Nappy Service Packages to suit every parents' needs.

So we got thinking… Environmentally, where do our Part Time and Casual customers stand if they still use mainstream disposables on their babies? And what health risks are their babies still being exposed to?

And here we are, Little Eco Baby are now offering Ecoriginals Premium Eco Disposable Nappies. Our nappy service customers can have peace of mind if and when they choose to use a disposable nappy. And, if parents are not nappy service customers, they have convenient access to the safest and greenest eco disposable nappy getting around.

These nappies are designed for high performance, with safety and comfort in mind.

Cutting Edge Eco Features:

  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Up to 5 times more breathable (no more rashes!)
  • Using mostly plant based ingredients, making it softer,
    safer for your baby and more landfill friendly.
  • World leading biodegradable nappies in compostable packaging
    (90 days to compost instead of 500 years!)
  • 80% plant based ingredients
  • Free from chlorine, dioxins, phthalates,
    fragrances, latex and heavy metal.
  • 100% free from GMO materials

Little Eco Baby offers Ecoriginals to all parents living within our delivery area (Jervis Bay - Fairy Meadow). Take advantage of our FREE DELIVERY on Monday's and Thursdays each week. Make the switch to a healthier future today.


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