Ever considered the waste generated from plastic mailer bags?

Little Eco Baby is committed to upholding the highest environmental standards.

You might have noticed our goodies often arrive in a preloved box or satchel. At first, we were worried that our love of reusing would be misconstrued as a lack of taste, as if this new little startup needed some serious help with branding! But today we are confident, our products simply speak for themselves. They are stylish, timeless pieces, well loved by their owners - despite the fact they are sent around the world in reused packaging.

Using second hand boxes and mailing satchels is something we are really proud of. We've teamed up with some fab local businesses to reuse their boxes before they reach the recycling stream, and we've got some great friends and family who collect all their mailers for us and pass them on instead of throwing them out! 

Today, we find ourselves working our way through all of our secondhand goodies really quickly. So, when we run out, we can use our new Rethink Packaging satchels. They are compostable mailers designed to disappear within 180 days!

Using compostable mailers is an easy way to make a positive contribution. Learn more about Australia's packaging crisis here.

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