How many reusable nappies make a difference?

Recently while packing for a two week family holiday in Tassie I pondered whether I was motivated enough to use Henry's modern cloth nappies while on the road. We were desperately ready for a break and as any parent will agree, holidaying with kids is not exactly relaxing. So in the spirit of making life easier I reluctantly bought the disposables and packed 4 modern cloth nappies (just in case we were motivated to wash).

It only took a day or two before Ben and I felt guilty for putting Henry in the disposables. I was concerned about his exposure to chemicals and Ben grossed out about the landfill we had already created. Of course two big issues with disposable nappies.

So enough was enough, we started using our four modern cloth nappies! Instead of using disposables full time, we just put him in a modern cloth nappy a couple of times a day. I was washing the family's clothes anyway, so all I had to do was add the rinsed nappies to the wash.

Over the two weeks we saved 40 nappies from landfill and reduced Henry's exposure to nasty chemicals!

But my point is, you don't have to be a Nancy Homemaker to do this reusable nappy thing. You just have to shift your habits a little.

We offer 3 Nappy Service Packages, each designed with the reality of parenthood in mind. It doesn't have to be a big change or a huge commitment to make a positive difference. 

Our Casual Service Package: 12 modern cloth nappies (approximately 3 nappies per day). Delivered twice a week, it is perfect for someone wanting to make more sustainable choices while still using disposables when it most suits them.

Our Part Time Service Package18 modern cloth nappies (approximately 5 nappies per day). Delivered twice a week, it is most suited to a baby 3 months and older and is perfect for someone wanting to use modern cloth nappies through the day and disposables at night.

Our Full Time Service Package: 25 modern cloth nappies set up for day time and night time use (approximately 7 nappies per day). Delivered twice a week, it is most suited for a newborn baby or perfect for parents wanting to make the complete switch to modern cloth nappies.

I hope that in sharing our experience we might give others the confidence to give modern cloth nappies, in some capacity, a try. xx

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