Who? What? Why?

Little Eco Baby Nappy Service is quickly coming together ready for our launch at the end of the year! I am sure you have some questions and perhaps even some apprehension so we are excited to help educate and empower parents.
Who are we? We are Ben and Stacey, eco minded parents of two gorgeous kiddies. When our son was born we finally ditched disposables and have never looked back. Check out Our Story to read more, but the quick version is, our experience prompted us to provide a service to help other time poor parents make the switch to modern cloth nappies!
What is Little Eco Baby Nappy Service? Little Eco Baby is an affordable, sustainable, no fuss service. We provide leased packs of modern cloth nappies that are hygienically laundered and delivered to your door twice a week. It is perfect for the tired and time poor parent who still wants to reduce their waste and protect their baby from nasty chemicals.
Why are we blogging? We know first hand how busy parenthood is and want this blog to help others make more informed positive choices for their Little Eco Babies.
We're looking forward to building a community and would love to hear your comments below.

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