Hand Knitted Baby Wears - Join The Fashion Revolution

18 - 24 April 202 is Fashion Revolution Week, and to celebrate, we are launching our first Hand Knitted Range!!

This range is made to last forever and be handed down from baby to baby. Handmade by our local knitter Tianne, and made exclusively for Little Eco Baby. Little Eco Baby believes in ethical + sustainable fashion.

Little Eco Baby's range of knitted baby cardigans hanging on display

Why should you support this fashion revolution?

Fashion Revolution Australia celebrates all those who are tackling the challenge of fairer supply chains. Local designers and producers, international brands, the retailers breaking the mould by bringing ethically produced fashion to the public and the educators and organisations working hard to make traceability an everyday reality in the fashion industry.

Little Eco Baby is constantly working to reimagine baby goods for people and the planet.


Locally made means no extra carbon emissions from production factories and shipping.

Our handmade items have been made locally in our maker's home and haven't required a large production factory. When you buy our knits, know that they haven't travelled across the seas to arrive here with us, they've been made locally (and actually picked up by Ben during our weekly delivery run!)

We support the local economy.

Although it may not be directly local to you, income generated from sales stays in Australia, and that’s a pretty big deal. Instead of your money going to large international companies where the maker or designer receives a fraction of the product price, it goes directly to the artist and small business who made your wonderful item.

We support artists.

But it’s not just about money. Each purchase, gives the small business, the maker, the crafts person a confidence in their product, chance to develop their skills further, opportunity to re-invest the money back to their business.

Handmade to last.

Most handmade items are made with detail. Our knits are made from 100% wool. Produced by Bendigo Woollen Mills, made from Australian grown wool from the NSW Highlands region. With care, these will will last for years and be able to be passed from baby to baby.

When you buys something handmade, it shows you care. You get a better quality and unique product. You’re supporting small business and making a greener purchase.

Check out Hand Knitted baby wears you can feel good about here.

Meet our Maker: 

Tianne lives in Primbee in the Illawarra area and enjoys knitting in her spare time as a hobby and for some extra income. I knew Tianne's work from local market stalls and approached her to knit for Little Eco Baby.

We are proud to be offering ethical and sustainable baby wears. x


hand made baby cardigan
hand made little eco baby wears

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