6 things we’ve learnt about modern cloth nappies

Before having kids we had some strong ideas about how we thought we were going to parent. Over the years, we have stuck to our guns with some things and we have adapted with others. In writing this post I'm hoping to bust some modern cloth nappy myths and hopefully give you some confidence to give them a go. 


There are two main things that prevent leaks in nappies. Absorbency and fit.  When you master these, you master modern cloth nappies.

Our son Henry put on weight FAST! When he was born he was in the 15th percentile and after 12 weeks he was in the 90th! With this rapid weight gain came big output and often. He was what is known as a “heavy wetter.” This brought some challenges, he was leaking out of most modern cloth nappy brands we were testing. But eventually we found the secrets to absorbency success!

Modern cloth nappies that don’t leak are made from the highest quality materials so they can absorb a lot. We have found bamboo to be superior to any other material.

A modern cloth nappy that can be customised is really important. Then you can adapt it as your baby grows and changes it’s patterns. For example, a newborn baby drinks a lot and therefore wees and poos a lot. So you need a nappy that really holds the moisture away from baby’s skin. Then as babies grow, they start to hold onto their wees more. And for a “heavy wetter” this means big gushing wees. So you need inserts that will absorb large amounts of moisture quickly. Again bamboo out performs any other material we have tried.


Fitting modern cloth nappies is done a little differently to disposable nappies. But getting the fit right is really easy. Just tweak your disposable technique a little and you’ll get it! Here’s some pics to explain: 


We also have a handy support page on our website. It includes some helpful videos if you are transitioning from disposables to modern cloth nappies. It's really very simple.


Trust me this is true!

Does this scenario sound familiar? When my daughter wore disposables, each morning I’d be fooled into thinking she’d done a poo only to realise after changing that it was yet another false alarm.

This strong smell is actually a combination of your baby’s urine mixed with the chemicals in the disposable nappy.

When using modern cloth nappies you don’t get this super strong pong, promise, you can ask any cloth nappy user! Soiled modern cloth nappies don’t smell very much at all! And if they do it’s only the pooey ones that smell and it’s seriously only half as bad as their disposable counterparts.


I know the perception out there is that cloth nappies can cause nappy rash. I’ve heard all my mum’s stories of airing our bottoms out in the sun and lathering our skin in zinc creams, but cloth nappies have improved over the years and modern cloth nappies are far from the terry towelling squares of the past!

Recently I was chatting to a customer who commented on her son’s new found love for nappy change time. This baby was 10 months old and she told me of how he had always absolutely hated having his nappy changed. Wipes would make him whinge and cry and he often had rashes on his bottom. She said the change in him after switching to modern cloth nappies and reusable wipes was almost immediate. He was relaxed and started to lie back and smile when he’d have a change.

So if your baby has sensitive skin, or has persistent irritations, choosing to use modern cloth nappies is a great way to actually prevent nappy rash. When you use our nappy service you are:

  • Removing the plastics and absorbent chemicals found in disposables which are more than likely triggering irritation.
  • Opting for non-toxic, hygienic laundering. Our Little Eco Baby Nappy Service Nappies are washed with chemical free washing detergent.
  • Choosing high quality boutique nappies that effectively wick moisture away from your baby’s skin.


So many modern cloth nappy newbies are unsure of using the nappies while out and about, but it's really easy. All you need is a waterproof wet bag.

You change your baby as you normally would. Roll up your nappy, fasten with a snap, just as you do a disposable. But instead of throwing it in a bin you store it in your waterproof (and smellproof) wet bag until you get home.


No one soaks nappies in a lidded nappy bucket anymore. The water is a hazard, the lidded bucket creates a warm environment for bacteria, mould and smells, and the constant soaking breaks down the nappy fabric.

The modern day method for collecting nappies before washing is known as Dry Pailing. This is a nappy storage solution where dirty nappies are stored without any water or lid. Our dry pail system works well to allow air to circulate inside the laundry bag, this prevents odours and the build up of harmful bacteria. 


“Scoff Scoff” I hear you say! But they are now, because the South Coast has it's own nappy service! 

When you use Little Eco Baby Nappy Service all the washing, drying and assembling is done for you. So all you have to do is pick up the nappy and put it on!

Then from the other end, after 3-4 hours when you change the nappy, you flush any no 2's and give the nappy a quick rinse, throw it into laundry bag and you're done!

If it's getting rid of the poop that concerns you, you need to read this! Everyone should be flushing the poo, even if using disposable nappies. This has been new learning for us, when we used disposables we just wrapped up the pooey nappies into compact little balls and chucked them in the bin. But next time you’re shopping, take a look at the disposable nappy packaging, you’ll find most brands tell you to empty solids into the toilet before disposal.

I’ve found many local councils expect that human waste is not to be disposed of in your rubbish collection. This is because the potential hazard of untreated human waste sitting in landfills is a major concern.

So considering this, when we ask our customers to tip the no 2’s into the toilet, it’s really no different then when you do it with a disposable nappy (because you're going to start doing that right?)

So have I myth busted? Want to test these nappies out? Our Little Eco Baby Nappy Service is a great way to try modern cloth nappies without the commitment of buying a full set of nappies yourself. Who knows once you get started you may never want to go back!

Further Reading:

Robin Barker Nappy Days: Ditch Disposables: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-05/barker-nappy-days/4297316

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