Why we support local and Australian made

Knowing where your products come from is important when choosing the healthiest options for your family and the greenest options for the environment.

As a busy working parent, with tight budgets, it’s easy to be driven by price and look to buy the cheapest option. But the reality is that the cheapest option is often the least sustainable and the least ethical.

When you buy local, you are supporting local jobs and local industries which in turn, positively impacts Australian families and communities.

Products produced nearest to you will always have lower carbon footprints. Choosing these over their overseas counterparts will help you reduce your own personal footprint, showing our planet some much-needed love.

When you buy from Australian businesses you are entering a community of conscious shoppers, with shared values. Collaboratively, this helps to empower and educate others in making similar, more sustainable choices. 

Personally, we have made a conscious choice to shop more ethically than we have in the past, and as it turns out we haven’t noticed it to be more expensive. Perhaps because our hearts are fuller. (Insert cheesy grin!)

As a business, Little Eco Baby values Australian local business. We also choose to resuse and recycle where we can. Here's how we’ve done it so far:

  • Curly Willow Photography: Gracie from Curly Willow has helped develop our branding from the very beginning. She is our go to photographer and graphic designer. Regularly snapping our Little Eco Babes and designing our logo and flyers!

  • Kitty and Zac: Kerrie form Kitty and Zac sews all our waterproof laundry bags and small portable wet bags.

  • Bomaderry Printing: Sam from Bomaderry Printing takes charge of all our stationery and printing.
  • Green Solar Solutions: We chose a local solar company based in Fairy Meadow to install our photovoltaic panels powering our laundry.
  • EcoNaps: EcoNaps are an Australian owned company. They provide all of our high quality OSFM nappies. The range of Econaps nappies are available to purchase online here.
  • Baby Beehinds: Baby Bee Hinds are an Australian owned company. They provide all of our high quality newborn nappies.
  • Cheeky Wipes: Cheeky Wipes are an Australian business, providing a sustainable alternative to disposable wipes. They are fantastic! Cheeky Wipes are available to purchase online here.
  • GreenBeansAU: We even sourced our waterproof PUL material (used in our laundry bags and small wet bags) from an Australian factory in Brisbane.
  • Packaging: If you’ve bought from our online shop, you may have received your goods in a reused post pack. We really hope our choice to reuse is recognised as a sustainable choice and not mistaken for unprofessionalism. And don’t worry, we still internally wrap your goodies in paper and biodegradable ribbon so it looks the part and is like receiving gift. Here's a link to an interesting article: Lush Cosmetics Staff Stripped Down To Get Consumers To Reconsider Extra Packaging.

So if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, like us, think about:

  • Buying from local businesses.
  • Buying locally made and grown produce.
  • Reusing and recycling where you can.

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