Childcare Reusable Wipes Laundry Service


  • Little Eco Baby Childcare Centre Reusable Wipes Service includes a dry pail basket and waterproof laundry bag for storing and collecting dirty wipes.
  • Every Monday and Thursday between 8am and 12pm we deliver hygienically clean wipes and pick up dirties in an easy swap.
  • Each individual wipe is labelled free of charge. The service is charged as a subscription, on a weekly basis and can be paused during holiday periods.
  • We recommend purchasing a Cheeky Wipes Mini Kit with extra wipes as a convenient system and wipes station in your centre.


Orders up to 200 wipes per week = $8 per 50 wipes

Orders above 200 wipes per week = $7 per 50 wipes

Minimum order totalling $20

Email: to have any questions answered. We will email you an invoice to set up your subscription within 24 hours.