Copy of Heath and Wellbeing

Chemical Free:Information about the chemicals used in disposable nappies is not made to be easily accessible to consumers. In Australia manufacturers do not have to disclose all their ingredients. So it is confronting as a parent to learn that disposables really do contain toxic chemicals, such as dioxins, sodium polycarbonate, tributyltin and phthalates that are linked to long-term health conditions and diseases. By using modern cloth nappies made from natural fibres gives your Little Eco Baby the best start.|+

Outstanding Performance:Our nappies took nearly 3 years (and a lot of experience) to create! We thoughtfully designed a nappy that is both simple and effective. Absorbing as well as conventional disposables so there is no need to compromise on performance.|+

No Rashes:Most babies who switch to our nappies from mainstream disposables find nappy rash disappears. This is because our nappies are free from the nasties used in disposables such as odour blockers, toxic chemicals and plastic! A baby's skin is thinner and more permeable than an adults so they are at higher risk of reactions to these toxins. Using cloth nappies ensures the best overall health for your Little Eco baby.|+