Solar Powered Laundry : You can rest easy knowing that Little Eco Baby Nappy Service is carbon neutral! Using an 100% solar powered laundry! We are working towards adding batteries to our system to help us use more of our own solar generation, across our whole premises, 24 hours a day.|

+ Ethical Manufacturing : Little Eco Baby is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical production and sourcing. Our manufacturing factory provides certifications for their materials and fair work environment and participates in visits, audits and inspections. Our goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible and encourage others to do the same. We use the highest quality materials that are eco focused and free of toxins. |

+ Sustainable Packaging : We are committed to sustainable packaging and use three forms of packaging to post our retail items. We reuse any packaging received at Little Eco Baby, we repurpose unwanted cardboard boxes on their way to recycling into laser cut smaller shipping boxes and finally, if orders are too large to fit into what we already have we choose to use fully compostable plant-based courier satchels. |

+ Sustainable Marketing Material : All swing tags and marketing materials are made with 100% biodegradable recycled card stock to lessen our environmental impact. We supple upcycled reusable bags with our nappy service which are a fun way to lead by example and inspire change. |

+ Supporting Local Small Business : We value Australian local businesses and will always chose to support local industry where we can. Products produced nearest to you will often have a lower carbon footprint. we consciously spend our money with local. like minded creatives within our business to reduce our carbon footprint and support local Australian families. |+