Nappy Repair Service


Bring your nappies back to life with our Nappy Repair Service. A sewing service that includes the replace and repair of slack elastics.

Most brands of modern cloth nappies can last for multiple children over multiple years. If nappies have been washed and dried correctly and the waterproof material is still in tact, there's absolutely no reason to stop using them. However, it is usually the elastics that become tired and slack and will need replacing.

If this has happened to your nappies, a simple replace and repair is what you need. An affordable way to increase the life of your nappies and contribute to a circular economy.

Ship your nappies to:

Little Eco Baby 3 Westhaven Ave, Nowra NSW 2541

Your nappies will be repaired within 14 days and sent to your return address at the cost of Little Eco Baby.

Price: $15 per nappy

Email: to have any questions answered. We will email you an invoice to set up your order within 24 hours.