Nappy Service Laundry

Carbon Neutral:At Little Eco Baby we believe in slowing the pace of climate change and preventing further damage to the environment. We are committed to providing an ever-evolving sustainable service. 

We are proud to have invested in renewable solar energy to ensure that our laundry is carbon neutral. Every day we help to dramatically cut down on emissions from fossil fuels.|+

Hygienic:Our nappies are washed according to Australian Laundry Standards ASO 4146.

Our sanitation procedure consists of an initial short wash to remove most waste before a full wash cycle at 60 degrees. 

We ensure that all our nappies are washed and dried to a standard that safe and hygienic.|+

Non Toxic:Our laundry solution is biodegradable, phosphate free and zeolite free. While it is made from all natural plant based ingredients, it is formulated to hygienically clean our nappies while being safe for our Little Eco Baby’s sensitive skin.|+