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Cheeky Wipes Kit All-In-One

Cheeky Wipes Kit All-In-One

Cheeky Wipes Kit All-In-One


A Chemical-free, sustainable alternative to disposable baby wipes! Soft and natural: 99% water and 1% essential oil blend is great for sensitive skin, eczema or nappy rash. This hassle free system delivers fresh wipes all day in just minutes. Save your time and money!

Simply Wash and Reuse:

  1. Fill the Fresh Container with water and add a few drops of the Fresh Essential Oil.
  2. Place cloth wipes into the container, turn them over a few times so they are moist, then the wipes are ready to use.
  3. Fill the Mucky Container with water & a few drops of Mucky Essential Oil.
  4. Place used wipes into the Mucky Wipes Container with the Mesh Wash Bag inside.
  5. Simply take the mesh bag out of the container and place it straight into the washing machine.

Included in the kit are: 

  • 25 Soft terry cotton cloth wipes. 
  • Fresh & Mucky Wipes Containers. 
  • Mesh wash bag for mucky container. 
  • Fresh wipes out and about travel bag. 
  • Mucky wipes out and about travel bag with a removable mesh wash bag insert
  • 10 ml bottle Lavender and Chamomile or Mandarin (Fresh essential oil blend) acts as a natural preservative so your wipes can stay moist for 2 - 3 days. 
  • 10 ml bottle Tea Tree and Lemon (Mucky essential oil blend) provides natural antibacterial properties.